Relocating? Is Blended Learning Worth Considering for Your Child?

Moving certainly opens up opportunities, but it also brings a set of challenges that are not always easy to overcome. One such challenge is causing as little disruption to your child’s education as possible. Once a child is used to their environment and has developed their own learning habits, parents need to carefully consider schooling options in the event of a relocation. A situation which becomes even more complicated if moving overseas.

Choosing a curriculum

Many parents who are relocating opt for international schools as they can offer a variety of curricula. From national programmes to the International Baccalaureate (IB). The IB is often considered by families who regularly move from one country to another. This is because its programmes ensure continuity in their child’s education and promote international mindedness. This helps students to better understand other cultures. With over 4,000 IB World Schools around the world, it is relatively easy for parents to find one that is accessible for their child.
Children aged 16-19 can study for the Diploma, the IB flagship programme taught since 1968. They can also study for the Career-related Programme (IBCP). Launched in 2012, the IBCP leads to further education apprenticeships or employment. Both programmes offer blended learning opportunities with Pamoja, the only online course provider approved by the IB.

Considering blended learning

Every day Pamoja teaches over 2,000 students across the globe, leveraging the very best educational technology to boost student achievement. All courses, including core IB subjects, reflect the academic rigour of the IB curriculum. Each online course is taught by highly experienced IB teachers, fully qualified in online teaching strategies. The courses are interactive in nature. They provide a global classroom through which your child can have contact with teachers and other students from many geographical regions.

“The online Mathematics HL course has prepared me for university in ways that a traditional course cannot. Both in terms of the quality of the teaching, and the time management skills that I developed during the course.”
María, Online Mathematics HL alumna from Spain, studying Engineering at the University of Cambridge

In addition to offering your child the opportunity to take courses that may not be taught face-to-face at their IB World School, Pamoja supports students who need to change schools while they are studying. This means that if your family needs to relocate while your child is studying for their Diploma or Career-related Programme, they could continue studying the same subjects at their new school, online. This applies even if the student was already studying the subject(s) in a face-to-face class. As a parent, you could also monitor your child’s advancement through their course using Pamoja’s platform.

Preparing your child for university

Dynamic course design and collaborative learning opportunities allow students to develop the essential online study skills they need for success at university and in employment. A recent study published by the Institute of Education, University of London, shows that Pamoja students become knowledgeable, internationally minded, independent learners. They are also confident in using technology as part of their learning.

“I am better at researching online, I am more confident at navigating the web, I know how to find extra resources to help me with my learning. Online learning helps you to develop your time management skills, your research skills, and gives you something extra that’s different to lots of other students when you apply to university.”
Alex, Online Business Management SL student accepted into all 8 Ivy Leagues
Harding High Senior High School USA

If your family is planning to relocate, you can find out more about the IB programmes and blended learning options with Pamoja by contacting the IB Coordinator at your child’s new IB World School.  Pamoja currently works with over 450 schools around the world. Don’t hesitate to contact them directly to check whether yours is one of them already.

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