Working Parents How to avoid falling into tax, insurance and pension traps in Switzerland.

How to avoid falling into tax, insurance and pension traps in Switzerland.

It’s your responsibility to discover relevant information about tax, insurance and pensions in the Swiss Social System, to ensure your compliance with the law.
Reaching out to appropriate financial institutions and seeking personalised advice from a neutral, independent provider can be a good place to start.
Having arrived in Switzerland, ensuring compliance with compulsory paperwork and insurance affiliation is not easy – and nor is understanding the Swiss tax system and how it affects each individual.
You will be confronted with the unique situation that insurance, pensions and mortgages are all linked to your tax planning – which makes the Swiss system complex and not easy to comprehend.
When it comes to mortgages, Switzerland is perhaps the only country where you will be taxed on an estimated ‘rent value’ – so it can be difficult to strike the right balance between amortization and tax level.
Conditions vary not just across cantons, but between financial institutions – which offer differing services depending on where you live.
This variation reflects the various tax deductions on the wide range of pension solutions offered across banking institutions and cantons.
If you’re ‘frontalier’ (cross-border) and/or have family, assets, or property in another country, this does not make your situation any easier.
Your situation will include tax at the source, ordinary tax, wealth tax, tax optimization, tax reduction and tax input ‘frontalier‘ – which can be difficult to make sense of.
If you need help navigating the complex Swiss tax, pension and insurance landscape, you can find helpful support and expert advice by contacting Bryan Hung, our senior English speaking consultant and expert for the International community in Switzerland: Click
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