GSD school students
Geneva, Switzerland

GSD Summer School Programme

Do you think about an international career? Do you want to know more about International Relations and Diplomacy? Do you want to explore career opportunities within the UN, private sector, International Organisations, and NGOs? Then GSD Summer School certificate is your best option!

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GSD school students

GSD Summer School Programme

Fact Sheet

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Ages 15 - 18
Camp languages English
Actvities Academic Courses, Multi-Activity Camps

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Fees and Tuitions

Course + Application Fee CHF 1.550


  • Teaching Methodology
  • Small group workshops
  • Multi-stakeholder simulations
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Round-table discussions and debates
  • Brainstorming
  • Case studies and role games
  • All above activities are done for several pertinent topics
  • Walking tour of the International Organisations in Geneva
  • Visit to the United Nations, ICRC, and several other Int. organisations
  • Seminar on career Prospects

GSD Summer School Programme

GSD Summer School is a one-week immersion programme in international relations and diplomacy in the most diplomatic city in the world. Our summer school gives students a foretaste of foreign policies and politics, but above all, an understanding of how they impact our daily lives. A thorough understanding of International Relations is also a key to effectiveness and career advancement in both the public and private sectors. Students come to the Geneva School of Diplomacy from all over the world. They yearn to acquire a deeper understanding of global Diplomacy and the skills required to find solutions to global problems.

Learning Outcomes

  • Broaden your mind regarding the 21-century
  • global issues
  • Understand the importance and relevance of
  • diplomacy skills in any fields
  • Communicate effectively and work in teams
  • Be innovative and adaptable to change
  • Train to conveniently communicate, and practice
  • diplomacy skills

Students testimonials

“I was happy to have been given the opportunity to participate.

It illustrates the entire private study and opinion of

today’s generation to become part of recreating society”

“I mostly enjoyed learning about counter terrorism and religion

and politics today, as well as meeting and interacting

with students from all over the world”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the programme and can now confidently

say that I want my life to be connected to the field of

International Relations”

“I enjoyed learning new subjects and meeting so many

international students”

        – GSD Summer School Students

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