International School Parent Magazine – Summer 2021

Welcome to the summer 2021 edition of International School Parent magazine.

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling now that everything is opening up nicely? I visited my family in Oberäageri recently. During a tour around the local mountain passes, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing people sitting out on the terraces and meeting with their friends in the sun. With our newfound freedom, my family and I have enjoyed planning our summer holidays and looking at activity camp options for our eldest daughter.

We are well aware that foreign travel is still relatively limited (yawn), so we have prepared an absolute treasure trove of Swiss summer and family-friendly activities to enjoy: hiking, scenic train rides, cycling in the mountains, Italian-infl uenced adventures in Ticino and much more. There is also a range of unbelievable prizes to be won in our online competitions over the next few months. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page, newsletter, and website for more information on entering.

We have also had the fortune to meet some very interesting headteachers for this edition. We met with Andy Puttock, who has taken the helm at La Côte International School in Aubonne. Andy highlighted the need for a focus on student wellbeing and gave us his insights into the impressive journey that has framed his outlook on education.

Brett Gray, from The Ostrava International School, is another of our interviewees. A fascinating personal journey starting in Prague in the 1980s, Brett and his team created and shaped The Ostrava International School and have built it into a world-class IB International School. As usual, we have some excellent articles from authors around the world, and we remain committed to the task of helping parents and children make the most of the opportunities an education at an international school in Switzerland provides.

Enjoy the summer break, see you in the Autumn!

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