5 reasons to start your Business School in February

Why I chose to start my business school in February

“After graduating from high school in Singapore in December, I had plenty of time to spend with my friends and family and even traveled around Europe before joining the school. It was snowing when I first arrived in Switzerland and coming from Singapore this was a nice change” Janette Yo, EHL Bachelor Student

“After high school, I set out to explore South America. I completed a bus road trip from Uruguay, through Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador to finally end my journey in Colombia. I learnt a lot about different cultures and became more grateful for the life that I live.”

Mattias Jaques-Dalcroze, EHL Bachelor Student

In many parts of the world, September is known as “back to school” time, but starting university in the spring is a great option for international students. The February start date at EHL, the world’s top-ranking hospitality business school, is attractive for students who want an international business education with something extra. Here’s why.

You don’t have to wait until next fall to shift gears

You may have second thoughts about the study track you chose this year. EHL offers the possibility to join the Bachelor degree course in Switzerland or Singapore next February, so you make a sound decision, but you don’t have to wait a full year.

You take the time to improve your language skills

During a gap semester, students can take a foreign language course to either improve on or begin studying a useful foreign language. It’s a good way to prepare for life on EHL campuses

You enjoy a more personalized experience 

Starting in February offers a more intimate experience. The classes are smaller, less intimidating, allowing for more one-on-one attention and close-knit student groups. 

You start with some experience from the industry

Gaining work experience is a good way to prepare for your studies at EHL, even a part-time job in a restaurant, hotel or service company will do. 

You gain in maturity and become more culturally aware

A big number of students who chose to join EHL in February did so in order to travel and discover the world or to take time off just to be. 

What makes EHL different? 

Students and parents are often surprised when they visit EHL because it’s not a typical university setting. EHL is a business school with hospitality at the heart.

On campus, you see bachelor’s degree students working in the restaurants, immersed in their 20 weeks of hands-on workshops. Students wear smart business attire to attend classes and enjoy fine dining experiences in the school’s Michelin-starred restaurant. They develop an entrepreneurial mindset in Student Consultancy Projects, R&D labs, and Innovation Village with a start-up incubator.

Through this immersive, collaborative learning experience, students develop interpersonal skills and empathy, both essential for the future of business. The human-centered business courses and student life experiences also prepare them for leadership roles in many fields. It’s why top companies such as Apple, LVMH, L’Oréal, Procter & Gamble, Nestlé, and Tesla actively recruit EHL graduates. The results speak for the methods: 

  • 94% of EHL’s 2019 bachelor’s degree graduates are employed and only around 50% of them work in hospitality. 
  • 60% of EHL Alumni network members are CEOs, owners, and executive managers. 
  • 200+ companies recruit on campus, and 10,000 companies post on EHL’s job platform.

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World’s Leading Hospitality Business School Founded in 1893, EHL (Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne) is recognized as the best university of hospitality management in the world, and it boasts a 96% employment rate among recent graduates.

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