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Bridging the Gap with Bucksmore Education

In an increasingly competitive and VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, it takes more and more for a student to stand out on their university applications job applications. It is not unheard of for students with straight A* grades to be rejected from their chosen universities, nor is it unusual for people to be rejected from job applications despite holding an undergraduate degree. Why is that?

We have identified 3 key gaps in the education industry that we deem to be the most prominent and current in a student’s educational journey.

Competition for university places

Across the world, but in the UK particularly, the demand for university places has risen by 40% in the last 4 years. Whilst it is great to see so many young people applying for higher education, universities simply do not have enough places to accommodate to this demand. That is why, as mentioned above, more and more students are seeing rejections despite holding the required grades. Students need to differentiate themselves from others who have achieved the same grades.

Graduate underemployment

Most will have heard of graduate employment, however 35% of the global graduate population are now experiencing graduate underemployment, which is when a graduate is unable to get a job that is either at the right level for their degree, or they enter into a job that does not even require a degree. More frequently, employers are stating that whilst it is great that students hold a university degree, they don’t always have the vocational skills required for the job. There is clearly, therefore, a gap between the skills education provides, and the skills a career requires


It is becoming more common for industries to develop their own credentials, which is why we are seeing the rise of micro-credentials. Leading industry greats developing their own credentials include Google, Amazon and Microsoft. Many people are choosing to undertake these smaller qualifications that they can use to be build their portfolio into what they need to achieve their dream career; the combination of a degree with these micro-credentials is of high value to a student’s vocational endeavors.

How can Bucksmore help to bridge these gaps?

For over 40 years, Bucksmore Education has been the proud leader in developing new and innovative courses that help students to overcome these gaps and achieve more than they ever thought possible. For 2023, Bucksmore is pleased to offer students courses that are purposeful and relevant to their academic journey within the current education industry.

Their Young Professionals course provides students with immersive career experiences and insights that help them to decide what they wish to do with their future. Perhaps their ideal marketing career requires a more specific degree subject? Or perhaps they need to look at micro-credentials to achieve their dream Computer Programming job at Microsoft? Or maybe it turns out that Architecture just isn’t for them. The aim of this course is to help students to continue their academic journey with purpose and relevance to their future aspirations. 

Their Academic Enhancement courses partner with external university and industry organisations to provide students with micro-credentials that they can use in their university applications and place them ahead of competing graduates after university. These courses are unique to the summer school industry with limited spaces available with Bucksmore!

The Oxford and Cambridge Advanced Studies Programme is a degree aligned course offering subject specific tuition, taught to a first-year undergraduate level. The course helps students to fully prepare for their entrance into university not only with their grades, but with the unique skills and experiences that many admissions departments look for.

Every day, Bucksmore works to inspire their staff, tutors and most importantly their students to be the best they can be, and they are ambitious for them all to achieve more than they thought possible in their personal, social and academic endeavours. Join the Bucksmore family today and start your educational journey towards discovering your passions and aspirations for the future. 

Plus, get 15% off your course fees with Bucksmore this Black Friday– their biggest and best offer of the year!

Click the button below for more information, and to sign-up to their Black Friday early access list. 

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