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Education in Kosovo

Primary education in Kosovo consists of schooling from grade one through five. This is a requirement by law for all children and students enrol at the age of six. The second component of education is the lower secondary educational system, which is usually for teens around 12 to 15 years of age. It provides education through grade nine. This is publicly funded and free of charge.

From here, students move on to secondary education. This is either professional education or general education. Most students spend three to four years at this level. This level of education is not a requirement under law, though. Most students who enrol in it do so to learn trades and skills that they will use to build their careers and lives with. These schools have a goal to prepare students for vocational work directly out of school or to prepare them to enter university.

Higher Education in Kosovo

Much of the country is rebuilding and reorganising. This includes the educational system in the country. Universities and educational institutions provide higher education in Kosovo. Both private and public schools are available here at this level. Students are able to earn an associate’s degree, which generally takes under two years to complete in a specialised area of study, a bachelor’s degree, which takes between three and four years to complete, or a masters degree, which can add an additional two to three years of education on. Post graduate education to earn a PhD is also available. Many students enrol in these programmes part time, though full time education is still widely available as well.

It is important to note that many of the schools, under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology are being altered. The goal is to align the educational system along the lines of other European countries.

The Best Universities in Kosovo:

  • University of Pristina, located in the city of Pristina as a public university
  • AAB University, located in the city of Pristina as a private university

Each of these schools set the requirements for enrolment both at the domestic and the international level. Students will generally need to apply directly to the school to learn about qualifications and costs for tuition. These can vary widely with private schools tending to be more expensive than public universities. International students are welcome, though, at both.

Travel Visa Requirements

Once you decide to obtain your education in Kosovo, you can apply to enrol in one of the universities. Once you do that, you can obtain the required student travel visa. An application with the Kosovo government, a consulate or embassy can help students here, is required, and a fee is required. The individual must also submit a letter from the school indicating their acceptance into the programme of student, as well as information about the student’s living arrangements.

Students will need to show they have the financial stability to live in the country and support themselves while doing so. The country does not provide health insurance to international students, so purchasing a policy from a third party is often a good idea. However, a student who enrols in a travel package may have this included. 

Universities in Kosovo are trying their best to try to encourage overseas students to study in Kosovo. There is much to be done in this regard. However, the interest from international students is there. 

For example, at AAB University, there are many interested students from abroad who want to study there. The two main faculties, in which they enrol are: the Computer Science Faculty and the English language and Literature Faculty.

Local students are often very interested to study abroad. Especially to experience the European dream. Erasmus+ is a popular choice for students. Their interest and willing to study abroad is to gain knowledge, come back and become a valuable member of the Kosovan community. 

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A student at AAB College, Kosovo.

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