Performing Arts, a Gateway to Multiple Skills and Perspectives

Music, Drama and Dance have become important building blocks in education. As a result, we aim to ensure our students are building their creativity, collaboration and confidence. This will allow them to surpass the boundaries of traditional education. At Beau Soleil performing arts play an important role in our students’ education and through the Juilliard-Nord Anglia Performing Arts Programme, we bring the best of Performing Arts into our classroom and curricula.

Words from Holly Byrom

Holly Byrom, Drama Coordinator and Dance Teacher at Beau Soleil, is a firm believer in the power of performing arts to encourage students to think creatively and gain the confidence to take on new challenges.

“Our focus is not on preparing students for the stage, but, ensuring that our students are able to express their emotions, be flexible in their thinking, to gain confidence and unlock their imagination in preparing for lifelong learning. Also, my goal is to create students who are curious, who share a love and joy of the arts, and who feel comfortable exploring and experiencing it. 

Juillard-Nord Anglia Performing Arts

We are really fortunate at Beau Soleil to have access to the Juilliard-Nord Anglia Performing Arts Programme. The programme has had a huge impact on our students. The resources available to me as a teacher allow me introduce students to a variety of influential dance pieces that I teach through movement and action. Students are able to explore and experience a dance concept from many dimensions. Therefore, this will challenge them in more ways than possible. As a result, this will open a door to some, who may not have connected with the arts. It has definitely shown to our students that dance can be fun!

It’s well documented that children studying music, dance and drama are more proficient in reading, writing and mathematics. Also, I like to think that the work we are doing in dance is showing across their school lives. I have certainly seen the impact on self-confidence particularly for some of our youngest students who have greatly benefited from having a physical outlet that incorporates an element of creativity.

The Juilliard Collaboration also gives our students the bonus of learning from some of the world’s leading experts. Also, in February we will be welcoming Laura Careless who will work with our students over two days. I know that experiences like these are developing in our students an understanding and appreciation for the arts. For me that can only be a positive thing.”

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