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Summer in Switzerland, 2022

Summer in Switzerland offers endless possibilities for a family holiday. Soak up nature through the beautiful landscapes, feel the fresh mountain streams run over your toes and relax as children laugh and explore the many playgrounds and activities. 

Switzerland has numerous breathtaking regions to discover, whether you’re looking for a short break or a summer-long trip. Hike through enchanting forests, horse ride over the Jura or capture panoramic views as you have never seen before. Many activities are suitable for children, with fun trails and playgrounds to enjoy.

Read below for our top family-friendly destinations in Switzerland this summer.

Eggishorn View Point 

From the Eggishorn viewpoint, you get to see it all. Not only do you have a view of the 20 kilometres long Great Aletsch Glacier, but also Konkordiaplatz and the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains. On days when there is not a cloud in sight, you may even spot the famous Matterhorn. 

Eggishorn’s viewpoint is easily accessible by cable car from Fiescheralp, making it a brilliant trip for all the family. Don’t forget to get your camera out to capture the magnificent moment!

We also highly recommend the small but exquisite Horli-Hitta mountain restaurant if you feel hungry on your trip.

Herens cow educational trail

Travel through six stations on the Herens cattle educational trail and discover the life of the Herens cows and also the people who live and work in the Nendaz region. 

The four-kilometre trail starts at Alpe de Tortin in the middle of the four Vallées and lasts roughly an hour and a quarter; however, there is no rush. You can peacefully enjoy all the spectacular landscapes around you in your own time. 

Hiking in the footsteps of the dwarf Bartli

Bartli, the dwarf, lives in the magical Braunwald forest and emerges from his hut from mid-June to October every year to welcome families. He wears red trousers and a bright green jumper, so hopefully, you won’t miss him! Waiting to be discovered in the forest is eight enchanting places straight from a fairy tale.

The magical places you can explore on your hike include the dwarf’s castle, the gemstone cleft, the dwarf’s cave, the Rindenhüttli bark hut, the dwarf’s tower, Tiidi’s house and, finally, the dwarf’s bathing spot.

This long trail covers four kilometres with several hiking options to choose from. 

The Toggenburg Sound Trail

Stretching over multiple stages, from Alp Sellamatt to Iltios and as far as Oberdorf, the Toggenburg Sound Trail is an extraordinary musical experience with 26 sound stations. Combining all kinds of curiosities with the most incredible landscapes, this is a thrilling route for all curious nature lovers.

There are numerous sound-making activities available, such as forging singing bowls and bells, the alpine horn, yodelling for beginners and lots more.

Jura – a paradise for horse riding

Whether a novice or highly experienced, the Jura will feel like paradise if you are a keen horse rider. The gentle, hilly landscapes and expansive nature areas are captivating and perfect for all types of horse riding activities. 

The Franches-Montagnes is also the home of the horse of the same name, the only indigenous Swiss breed that lives partly wild on the Jura mountain range. As you see the horses wandering happily across the landscape, your surroundings will feel reminiscent of the Wild West.

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