Parenting Power Unleashed

A 3 months parent education program to learn how to raise empowered children. Combination of parent-centric coaching and Rapid Transformational Therapy.

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Parenting Power Unleashed

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Actvities Online course, Parenting

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Fees and Tuitions

3 month course $3.000

Parenting Power Unleashed

You’ll be able to let go of unsupportive belief patterns, that are still rooted in your own upbringing. These limiting beliefs and unwanted responses you have toward your child’s behavior, and also the negative self-talk, guilt, or sadness you experience daily, are still results of experiences in your childhood that you might not consciously remember, but are stored in your subconscious mind.

Healing and moving on from how you grew up gives you that incredible feeling of empowerment, unleashing the power within you that you need to parent with integrity and authenticity.

The specific tools and strategies that you will learn are based on principles of Nonviolent Communication, Neuroplasticity, and Emotional Intelligence.

This will allow you to successfully shift out of the dominant parenting style, which creates disconnection, resentment, and rebellion, to a parenting style based on trust, relationship, and authenticity, which restores connection, trust, and respect.

Course Content

1: introduction to metacognitive psychology

2: getting clear on your intentions as a parent

3: what is empowered parenting?

4: attachment science

5: understand your trigger responses

6: the brain and mind

7: emotional intelligence

8: empowered conversations

9: the PEACE process

10: anger and healthy aggression

11: playful parenting & storytelling

12: your personal transformation

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