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TechSpark Academy – STEM Summer Camps

TechSpark Academy Camps prepare the next generation to thrive in our fast evolving digital world. Discover the camps that help craft creative problem solvers and tech entrepreneurs who will use their digital skills to make the world a better place!

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TechSpark Academy – STEM Summer Camps

Fact Sheet

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Ages 8 - 18
Camp languages English, French, German, Italian
Actvities Programming, Robotics, Technology

Fees and Tuitions

Junior Courses From CHF 699
Standard Courses From CHF 980


Junior courses:

Code in Python – junior (age 11+)

Web Design – teens/junior (age 11+)

Animation & Game Design 1 & 2 – junior (age 8+)

Coding & Lego Robotics – junior (age 6+)

Teen courses:

Code in Python – teens (age 13+)

Python Advanced – teens (age 15+)

Hackermode – teens (age 13+)

AI Lab – teens (age 15+)

Mobile App Design – teens (age 13+)

Digital Storytelling – teens (age 13+)

Robotics – teens (age 13+)

TechSpark Academy – STEM Summer Camps


The digital world will be a key component of your teen’s future, whatever education pathway and career he or she chooses. We use fun, interactive, hands-on learning to empower children with 21st-century literacy!


Digital photography and filmmaking, robotics, mobile and computer apps, gaming – these are the digital tools your child interacts with daily. Code, create and spark the desire to learn what’s powering the future.


Our courses are one-week technology focused, interactive learning sessions delivered by motivated, inspiring and multi-lingual EPFL and ETHZ students from all over the world.


Parent – Easter Camp: Our little girl is 8 yrs old and has completed two TS Academy courses. By the second one, I couldn’t get her to leave at the end of the day! The beginner course is great, the teachers and staff are wonderful, and as parents we love that she’s preparing for the future and having fun while doing it. She’s acquiring confidence in math, problem solving, logic, and technology- and doesn’t even realize it.

Parent – Summer Camp: Great summer program that parents should seriously consider for their teens.

Parent – Easter Camp: Great camp with small groups to have plenty time for some hands-on exercises and projects !


“You should really do this course, you will really enjoy it and you will have everything explained and it is the best!”

“I would say that it’s lots of fun and you learn lots of new things.”

“That this course was useful in explaining both python and general coding knowledge.”

“The course is very interesting and teaches you about things you can apply to real daily life. The schedule is flexible and allows everyone to advance at their own pace. The instructors know what they’re talking about and can explain the content in a very clear way.”

“Please go to tech sparks it is super!!!”

“It is a really cool course that interested me and I learned a lot.”

“This course was amazing. It is a good time to stay outside and get out of your house during the holidays. I extremely recommend this course for you. You learn a lot during your experiences and you have a lot of fun.”

“Tech Spark is a great time to learn about tech stuff. I think it is great!”

“This course is the perfect place to start learning coding.”

“I learned really quickly, and programming is fun. My teacher was very nice and patient, he explains things very well.”

“This lesson was very good, because you learn lots of things about programming.”

“You have a lots of fun but you also learn a lot.”

“It is a fantastic course ! You should really try it !”

“In 4 days, we managed to cover a lot of ground in Python without getting too theoretical. Amazing!”

“Its awesome! Really!! You should try it and u get to learn how to hack and defend! Its lit!”

“You experience new stuff, and the course teaches you to think creatively and critically. You learn how to use commands and how to bypass codes and softwares.”

“I think that you should go to this course! I learned a lot, and it was super fun and interesting:)”

“It’s not just some course that your parents make you do because you actually learn something and that they are really flexible and even though it sounds a bit like school it’s really not.”

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