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Academia International School

Our bilingual school offers education from kindergarten to pre-college and our English-language college leads to an international university entrance qualification. We can, therefore, provide an attractive and strength-based education to all children and adolescents with a cosmopolitan background, preparing them for the challenges of the future.

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Academia International School

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Ages Taught 3 - 20
Languages of instruction English, German
Nr. of Children 200
School Type Bilingual School
Day/Boarding Day
Curriculum A-Levels, Cambridge, IGSCE, Lehrplan 21, Lehrplan BS

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Class Sizes

Average class size Pupil/Teacher ratio
Average Class Size 8-16

Academia International School

academia International School is an international, bilingual all-day school. Our school programme extends from kindergarten to university entrance qualification. Teaching in kindergarten, in primary school and at the secondary level is provided half in German and half in English, with English predominating at college. Our teaching focuses on our students and their individual needs. Our curriculum is based on the UK Cambridge International Curriculum as well as the official curriculum of the respective Canton (“Lehrplan21”, the obligatory period of schooling).

Our university entrance qualification is recognised by international and Swiss universities. The International School is part of the academia educational group (, which is active in the following educational areas:

  • International schools (kindergarten, primary and secondary school, college)
  • Language teaching (language courses for adults and companies)
  • Learning: Learning for children and adolescents (Primary school and secondary school; tuition and individual solutions; academia talents, a school for highly talented students)
  • Daycare centres


In our bilingual kindergarten, children develop their reading, writing and numeracy skills as well as their decision-making, learning and social competencies. Native speaker teachers create individual work and activities based on the child’s strengths and talents. The child learns the new language in guided learning sequences and in supervised playing phases.

We offer:

  • Qualified and experienced kindergarten teachers
  • Small groups
  • Individual advancement of each child
  • Varied experience in the field of basic mathematical skills
  • Diverse experience in letters and writing
  • Preparation in all learning areas for entry to primary level
  • Daily activities like dance, singing, music, sport, art and swimming
  • Forest days
  • Extensive after-school programme
  • School bus

Primary school

Our teaching concept is based on immersion and advancement of talents and gifted children. A German-speaking teacher in a German-speaking learning environment during one half of the week alternates with an English-speaking teacher in an English-speaking learning environment during the other half of the week. The children study in small classes according to an individual work plan, which focuses on their individual talents and strengths.

We offer:

  • Qualified, committed and experienced native speaking teachers
  • Native speaking assistant teachers
  • Team teaching
  • Individual advancement
  • Intensive support and supervision
  • School bus
  • Lunchtime supervision
  • Extensive after-school programme
  • Homework supervision

Secondary school

Our bilingual pre-college secondary school prepares students for admission to our English-language college or other further education schools. Knowledge, abilities and skills are consolidated and extended in lessons structured according to specific subjects. Abstract thinking and learning becomes more significant due to the general and cognitive development of the students, while they continue to learn through concrete actions and situations. Interdisciplinary competences are strengthened and trained consistently. Attitudes and approaches are reflected upon, helping students to learn independently and responsibly.

We offer:

  • Motivated, experienced native speaking teachers
  • Subjects taught in German and English
  • Preparation for college
  • Acquisition of a broad general education
  • Individualised language instruction in German and English
  • Development of an additional foreign language (French)
  • Higher linguistic proficiency by lessons in the target language


In our English-language college, students are prepared for the international university entrance qualification (A levels) in four years. Students who are at the stage just before gaining the Swiss university entrance qualification (Matura) can complete the qualification in two years.

We offer:

  • A qualification acknowledged in Switzerland and all over the world
  • English as the language of instruction
  • Supervised homework and study times
  • Comprehensive preparation for academic studies

We attach importance to:

  • Focus on key subjects
  • Promotion of excellence in key subjects
  • Advancement of scientific working and writing
  • Promotion of competence in methods
  • Advancement of the ability to plan, conduct, present and post-process projects on complicated issues

Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities


Students at our bilingual campus attended weekly sports lessons at fully equipped gym halls. A fully heated pool with the ability to change water depth is accessed by our students throughout the year and is located within a minutes walk from the main school house.

Extra-curricular activities

  • Student Council
  • Prom and Event Club
  • Drama Club
  • Sports/Football Club
  • Dance Club
  • Cooking Clubs
  • Chinese Club
  • Computer programming
  • Private/group instrument instruction/Band
  • Arts and Creation Lab
  • Politics
  • ICT
  • Community Work


  • Playground
  • Garden
  • Arts Centres
  • Gym
  • Lab
  • Workeria
  • Cafeteria
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