Chesières-Villars, Switzerland

Aiglon College

What makes Aiglon College a boarding school of global distinction is simple - we carry on the unique vision of our founder John Corlette. In 1949, Corlette wanted to create an academy that combined his new concept for education with the virtues of the mountain lifestyle. As a result, to this day Aiglon continues to promote the ideals of a holistic education not only in class, but as a way of living.

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Aiglon College

Fact Sheet

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Ages Taught 9 - 18
Languages of instruction English, French
Nr. of Children 375
School Type Co-educational
Day/Boarding Day, Full Boarding
Curriculum IB Diploma Programme, IGCSE

Aiglon College

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Aiglon is a not-for-profit, international school teaching in the British education system’s traditional style. It is English-speaking, and students participate in a personalised course of study that includes the IGCSE and International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes seven days a week. At the same time, Aiglon College places a strong emphasis on forging practical skills that bring the curriculum to bear through integration in life outside the classroom.

This focus on the balanced development of the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – is evidenced in Aiglon’s independent and active learning environment. Both teachers and students pursue academic excellence and physical challenges with gusto while reaping the benefits of the school’s profoundly international culture.

It is the mountain where Aiglon students live the school’s educational philosophy and forge their character. Our unique expedition programme takes full advantage of our Swiss Alps location. Here, students partake in activities such as climbing imposing peaks or snowshoe along winding mountain paths. They do it all, for in their efforts in this challenging environment is born responsibility and excellence.

As part of the Aiglon physical education programme, students enjoy a range of winter activities, including twice-weekly skiing, other winter sports and ski activities, and potentially becoming a member of the elite Aiglon race team. Balanced development goes on all year long. Football, yoga, and other activities (both competitive and non-competitive) are encouraged as they are central to our student development philosophy.

Indeed, this daily development is why Aiglon has a teaching programme of daily morning meditation. A way to develop a student’s sense of spirit and help them think differently about the world, these sessions are led by teachers or students. We encourage thinking “outside the box” and broadening horizons through this process of coming together, considering a provocative idea, and giving it time for inner reflection.

When it’s time to begin the university application process, the school has a professional Career and Counseling team to ensure that our students have access to the world’s top universities. The team works closely with each student to encourage, develop, and match them with a top university. Aiglon students have the tools to succeed in the application process, so they can continue developing their education at the appropriate university.

Aiglon teaching staff have a community relationship with the student body. Our goal is to allow young people to grow while gaining an understanding of their purpose and role in the school. Teachers are available to students 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They play essential roles for students as tutors, houseparents, or deputy houseparents. In this combination of learning support and pastoral care, Aiglon College truly becomes a family.

Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities


Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Tennis, Swimming, Athletics, Golf, Ski Racing, Freestyle Skiing, Snowboarding, X-Country Skiing, Rugby, Horseback Riding, Rock climbing, yoga, Pilates, Dance, Ice Hockey, Netball, Frisbee, Boxing, Fitness Classes, Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Squash, Mountain Bike Riding, Alpine Running, Mountaineering.

Extra-curricular activities

Music, Theatre Arts, Visual Arts, Round Square, Model United Nations, Debating, Chess, Local and International Service Projects.


Near the ski resort village of Villars-sur-Ollon in French-speaking Switzerland is where you’ll find Aiglon College. The school campus encompasses over 60,000 square metres of property, including more than 30 buildings and facilities. The campus itself is a small Alpine village at an altitude of 1’258m. It is an open-style campus, safe, and full of amenities. Students can walk freely between their classes, residences, and the main ski resort lift which is only 250m away. There are nine boarding houses for accommodations. Facilities for students include an art department, multi-use library and technology space, an observatory, private music practice rooms, science labs, and a modern, top-shelf sports centre.

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