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Ecole Moser Genève

Founded by Henri Moser in 1961, Ecole Moser is a Swiss private school for children aged 7 to 18 in Geneva. The school currently hosts around 750 students. The Geneva campus offers a wide range of study options and a variety of qualifications. Pupils have the opportunity to sit a Swiss cantonal Maturité examination. The Swiss Maturité is recognised at the Federal level, respected worldwide and gives direct entrance to any Swiss university.

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Ecole Moser Genève

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Ages Taught 7 - 18
Languages of instruction English, French, German
Nr. of Students 710
School Type Co-educational
Day/Boarding Day
Curriculum IB Diploma Programme, Swiss Maturité

Class Sizes

Average class size Pupil/Teacher ratio
School Wide 20

Ecole Moser Genève

From Primary School to Swiss Maturité and International Baccalaureate: let’s talk about your children’s future.

Ecole Moser is a Swiss Private School for children aged 8-18, in Geneva Switzerland. Founded by Henri Moser in 1961, the school currently hosts around 710 children from 5th Primary Year, right through to Upper Secondary.

The school prides itself on providing a caring environment, academic rigour, science, and immersive language learning. Students of all ages are taught their courses in three languages, French, German, and English.

All three Moser schools (in Geneva, Nyon and Berlin) are driven by the same goal:
To inspire learning and to develop our students’ creativity in order to succeed now and in later life.

Ecole Moser Primary School:

The Ecole Moser Primary School starts in the 5th year at 8 years old. It’s caring and attentive environment allows children to develop their self-esteem and become confident learners. The school takes an original approach to immersion language learning for all students, as they are taught multilingually in French, German, and English. All subjects are taught in the different languages from the very beginning really helping to reinforce the skills and proficiency of each language.

Students coming to Ecole Moser should have a good command of French, but it is not a prerequisite that they speak English or German. The Primary School continues until the 8th year at 11 years old.

Ecole Moser Secondary School 1:

Secondary 1 at Ecole Moser is an excellent multilingual preparation for the Swiss Maturité. The school enables students to establish their desire to learn and be creative and places a real emphasis on collaborative group work. Sciences also play an integral part of the curriculum and the school recently opened two new laboratories and works in partnership with local universities.

Ecole Moser Secondary School 2:

The Henri Moser College takes place over three years and culminates in students taking the Swiss Maturité. Taking a unique approach in Switzerland, the school has a concept of “pre-university”. The idea is to create an autonomous student with excellent academic and social competence, who is ready to tackle university and the world of work.

Double diploma Swiss Maturité and International Baccalaureate:

The Moser School is the only school in French-speaking Switzerland to offer an exclusive double diploma combining the Swiss Maturité and International Baccalaureate.

This double diploma combines the very high level of academic skills of the Maturité with the recognition of social skills valued by the International Baccalaureate.

It is particularly interesting because it opens the door to all Swiss universities and facilitates access to foreign universities.

Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities


Basketball, Football, Uni-hockey, Escalade, Skiing, Table tennis, Rugby, Golf, Tennis

Extra-curricular activities

We have a wide range of school clubs which run either after school or during school time. We also take students on ski trips and outward bound camps to explore new horizons. Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of the activities and trips we offer:

  • Sports: Yoga, Hip-hop, Street Dance, Self-defense, Ski Camps, Sports Competitions (ADISR)
  • Arts & Culture: Philosophy, Chess, Acting, Cinema, Photography, Meditation, Debating Society Club
  • Science: Robotics, Computer Programming, 3D Creations
  • Travel: Ski Trip, Green Weeks, Theatres, Museums, Studying Trips, Campus Visits, Student Exchanges (Berlin)

During the summer we also offer Summer Courses.


Labs, Gymnasium, Gymnastics and fitness area, Meditation room, 3D printing space, Large climbing wall

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