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Hull’s School Zurich

Hull's School is the first English college in Zurich for teenagers. The four-year college programme taught in English (except for modern languages), and covers the UK Fifth and Sixth Forms (Years 10 to 13). Students are prepared for IGCSE and A-level examinations. Eighty-five percent of Hull’s School students are native German speakers, fifteen percent are bilingual (English and German), or speak a language other than German as their mother tongue. Ninety percent of students are Swiss nationals. The college campus consists of four buildings located near the Zurich Opera House and is the academic home of 350 students.

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Hull’s School Zurich

Fact Sheet

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Ages Taught 14 - 20
Languages of instruction English
Nr. of Children 350
School Type Bilingual School
Day/Boarding Day
Curriculum A-Levels, IGCSE
Website http://www.hullschool.ch

Class Sizes

Average class size Pupil/Teacher ratio
Average Glass Size 16

Hull’s School Zurich

Most adolescents who join Hull’s School very soon discover that they enjoy learning.

  • English is very popular as a language of instruction
  • The British curriculum enables students to discover their strengths and to succeed academically
  • Difficult subjects frequently become less daunting when they are taught in English as teachers make linguistic allowances for students who are not native speakers of English
  • The curriculum engenders independent thought and encourages team-work
  • Students are introduced to different cultures and study two modern languages in addition to English
  • The British curriculum enables students to succeed in Swiss universities and top universities abroad
  • The British curriculum encourages critical thinking
  • The teachers are English speaking
  • Students receive free coaching in their weak subjects
  • Students are given extensive pastoral support
  • There is a wide range of exciting optional courses and extracurricular activities

Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities


Sport is mandatory in the first year (EC1). The school is proud of its Rugby and Football clubs.

Extra-curricular activities

Students are encouraged to become part of the school’s community by engaging in extracurricular activities. The aim is to involve students more deeply in the school, foster mutual support and offer opportunities for students to develop their strengths and prove themselves as team-players.

The school offers about 20 clubs, including Debate, Ball Committee, School Newspaper, Drama, Art, Video production, Philosophy, Music, and many more.


The college has four buildings a stone’s throw from the Zürich Opera House and the Stadelhofen train station. and counts about 350 adolescents.

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