Rotkreuz, Switzerland

SIS Swiss International School Rotkreuz-Zug

In the heart of Switzerland, in the heart of Europe – welcome to SIS Rotkreuz-Zug! Several buildings at a privileged location are home to our school, where since 2012, children and teenagers have been experiencing immersive bilingual education, continuously from kindergarten to primary and secondary school. Real bilingualism in German and English is an exciting gift for life.

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SIS Swiss International School Rotkreuz-Zug

Fact Sheet

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Ages Taught 3 - 14
Languages of instruction English, German
School Type Bilingual School
Day/Boarding Day
Curriculum British Curriculum, SIS Curriculum, Swiss Curriculum

Fees and Tuitions

Registration Fee - 1st Child CHF 600
Registration Fee - Each Subsequent Child CHF 500
Kindergarten 1 to Primary 6 CHF 12.360
Secondary 1 to 3 CHF 12.760

SIS Swiss International School Rotkreuz-Zug

Curriculum: Teaching at SIS is based on the curriculum of the respective canton. This curriculum is supplemented by elements of international educational practice as well as by pedagogical standards developed by SIS.

The SIS Swiss International School Rotkreuz-Zug offers bilingual education from preschool to secondary school. On all levels, classes are held both in German and English. However, bilingualism is no prerequisite for admission.

Our bilingual Preschool is a day school that offers a well-supervised, safe and stimulating learning environment for children aged three to six.

SIS has developed its own curriculum for children in this age group. Our Preschool is the ideal preparation for the transition into the bilingual SIS Primary School.

At our bilingual Primary School, teaching is based on the curriculum of the canton of Zug. This curriculum is supplemented by elements of international educational practice as well as by pedagogical standards developed by SIS. By attending our Primary School, children are ideally prepared for the transition into our Secondary School. Students can transfer to our school from public school system at any time.

Following primary school, SIS Rotkreuz-Zug offers a three-year bilingual secondary school programme as an alternative to the college path. At our Secondary School, students are prepared for a demanding apprenticeship or for continuing their education at college.

Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities


Our Preschool is ideally housed in a carefully refurbished historic building with an attached playground. Right next door is a spacious multi-purpose hall, which also serves as a cafeteria and for school events.

The primary and secondary schools are located in our state of the art school house which opened in 2014. Various specialist rooms – an arts and crafts room, a music room, a library, a laboratory for science education – as well as a basketball court and playground promote student-centered teaching.

An added benefit is the spacious playground between the preschool and primary school house. It is a well equipped playground where the children can move unencumbered.

Extra-curricular activities

SIS Swiss International School Rotkreuz-Zug is a day school. Including our optional before and after school care, the school day runs from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is important to us that students of all age groups feel happy and comfortable at our school, which is why we offer a range of services to cater for our students’ various needs.

All SIS Rotkreuz-Zug students have the option of signing up for a hot lunch in our cafeteria.

Before and after school care is available to children in preschool and primary school.

Our private day school provides a range of extracurricular activities and clubs for students of all ages, allowing them to develop skills that complement their school work or offer a welcome change from the regular academic programme.

SIS Rotkreuz-Zug offers a holiday club during the breaks in autumn, winter and summer. For one week, the children enjoy taking part in a varied programme – including trips – under the supervision of an experienced team.


Our modern school building is ideally located in the Suurstoffi district – a car-free, eco-friendly residential and business area with excellent road and public transport links. Why don’t you drop by for a visit and see for yourself?

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