How to achieve a clean and organised home-school area

To set up the perfect home-schooling area and keep it clean and organised always requires planning and thinking ahead. Try to make it interesting and imaginative, include your child’s interests in it, turn it into a personal project that will make a difference for your child and spark his interest towards home-schooling.
A well-organised area means an accessible and easy to clean space. When organising your child’s home-schooling tools (pens, computers, calculators, erasers, liners, notebooks, books and etc) it is better to take them all out, create an inventory and decide which one you should keep and what should go straight to the trash. Less cluttering objects means less dust and dirt which translates to less cleaning and a more easy-going organisation process.
Consider investing in a useful home-schooling storage places, appropriate desks or tables for your children. Before all, organisation of items requires space to put them and therefore organise and, of course, clean later. Turn unoccupied spaces in your home into a constant reminder of educational topics, for instance- the corner space between the wall and the library will make an excellent mini-library with books, both school-related and not. Hanging a huge map of the world (or the country) can initiate lots of interesting conversation that might educate your child or spark his interest towards geography in general.
Labelling is of a great importance and gives great results when it comes to organisation and cleaning. While under label, all items belong to a specific location and teaching your children that location matters will serve them well in the future, it will also most certainly make your life easier by not having to organise their items for them.
Depending on the child’s age, different labels could mean pictures for the non-readers, and letters or words which gradually develop and progress with the advancement of age. Labelled shelf-like drawers are the perfect way for your child to store different school items. It also helps with the cleaning, keeping them in storage prevents the collection of dust and you should only worry about cleaning the storage unit, and not each object individually.
As for the home-schooling desk – the less items the better. Clutter means distraction, teach your child to keep his desk objects to a minimum, with only the most important items on it. Items the child uses every day should be kept close always and stored carefully on an easy to reach places. Tools and notebooks used for the same subject should be kept together thus allowing your child easy access.
Other cluttering items like trophies, awards, etc shouldn’t be stored on the desk where they take up a lot of unnecessary space. Put them on a high place somewhere, make them hard to access but still visible to serve as a constant reminder of the child’s achievements.
Your home is full of with places that wait to be utilised for something more than, rather than to be left empty- use the walls and the doors to install gadgets that may aid in the education of your child. For an example hanging up a magnetic white board is great for teaching your child how to spell, leave messages and be more responsible.
Organisation and cleaning go hand in hand and the one is pointless without the other. Try to organise in a way that will be easier to clean later. Keep the clutter and dirt to a minimum and add a storage box for the old-dated items that can end up re-purposed or donated.

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