Champittet boarding students travel to Vietnam

During the autumn break our boarders spent 10 days in the North of Vietnam. They discovered Vietnamese culture and its history by visiting the first Vietnamese University dedicated to Confucius, the literature Temple and the Hanoi Jail an important place during the country’s occupancy.
Vietnam is also well-known for its delicious cuisine and our students not only had a chance to discover it but also took cooking classes. The group then visited Halong Bay which is part of the 7 Wonders of the World and famous for its beauty and tranquility.
The main purpose of the trip was the project in the Mai Chau region where students helped build a house for a family in need. The sense of effort, an important value of the boarding school, was strongly emphasised by students’ contribution in the project. The contact with the family and the children of the village was precious and rewarding. The group left Vietnam filled with emotions and great memories!

Humanitarian trip to Madagascar

Last October, a group of 11 students and 2 teachers travelled to Madagascar to take part in a humanitarian project. The schedule of the students’ trip was very busy. The aim of the trip was to help children in need and to work on a small health centre which was being built. The students also spent time with the children, taught them and played with them and discovered the rich culture of Madagascar. They also had a chance to explore the Madagascan wildlife through an initiation day of snorkelling during which they spotted turtles. Then it was time to go say goodbye and take home all those good memories. “The scenery was amazing, everything I saw was astonishing, everyone was friendly and welcoming” says Inès (13th grade). The students truly enjoyed the experience and valued the learning they received from taking part in the trip.

Travel diaries

In autumn, our 7th grade students sent away a travel book which is due to travel throughout the world. Each student prepared a little notebook in which they wrote a little message to the people who will read it. The book was sent to a person of the students’ entourage (family or friend) living in another country. This person will then write a message in the book and send it to another person in another country.
The notebooks are off to very different destinations: France, South Africa, Colombia, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, Senegal and the United States. We will give you news of our books at the end of the school year, when we receive them back!

Students discover fencing

For the last month, students have been able to discover fencing a sport that allows them to develop flexibility and speed in all movements and acquisition of reflexes.

Model United Nation 2015 – Who owns the Arctic

The Model United Nation (MUN) day took place on 2nd October and gathered 6 private schools around the theme of the Arctic. As part of their CAS, ten 14th IB students participated in this day of debates.
The students were split up in 3 Councils: The Security Council, The UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) and a fictitious Council The UNAC (United Nation Animal Council) and every student represented a United Nations delegate country. They wrote resolutions, discussed and voted respecting strict public speaking rules. The MUN day allows students to practice public speaking skills and represents a great challenge for the students.

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