British School of Geneva students describe their "incredible" dinosaur trip

Submitted by Ben, Andres, Abhimani, Camila, Minadee and Laurent in Year 5
We had an audio guide which told us all about the different types of dinosaurs such as the spinosaurus, stegosaurus, T- rex and the brachiosaurus. They looked like they were actually real! Some of them were lying down, as if they were injured or dead. Their roars were loud and fierce.

We saw a film which was incredibly realistic and very interesting. At the start there were also two clay model dinosaurs which were quite large; we even got to see their footprints and where they were found! There were dinosaur rides for the little ones and dinosaur eggs they could climb into, so parents could take a picture of them. The dinosaurs moved amazingly, they looked scary and they gave us an idea of how they lived.

Did you know that the brachiosaurus is the tallest dinosaur, even taller than the T-rex and that the spinosaurus and the giganotosaurus are bigger than the T- Rex?

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