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Health & Psychology

Expat Life

Living Well during Uncertainty

The Covid-19 pandemic created a season of disruption, uncertainty, change and transition for many people all over the world. Many of us were less prepared … Read More


Widening Gaps

The Coronavirus that first appeared in Wuhan and then rapidly became a global health crisis has disrupted schools and universities in unprecedented ways. Successive lockdowns … Read More


Culture & Conversations

A few years ago, I was asked by some students if I wanted to help them with a club called “fight for rights”. It was … Read More


Dealing with bullying as an Expat

“It started with pulling out my hairbands, then progressed to name-calling. The incidents became more and more frequent. I found excuses to spend recreation inside, … Read More

Education News

Dyslexia and Reading

Mrs Patricia Spencer (Oak Hill, Nyon) and Dr Jennie Guise (Dysguise, UK) answer parent and teacher questions about reading skills, dyslexia and how best to … Read More

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