GEMS World Academy's 'Future-You' Day

We’ve all heard people say “the future is unknown” and ask questions like “What will the younger generations face in the employment world with so many changes taking place on an almost daily basis?”
At GEMS, we strive to prepare our students as best as possible for their future. We might not have all the answers, but we get professionals and experts in to come and talk to the students and open their minds to the endless possibilities. One event does this in particular and that is our “FUTURE-YOU” day. This year, we offered various workshops for our secondary students that were run by job specialists to allow the discovery of different industries, professions and trends. In the evening, we hosted a special speaker event where not only our students, but also families and outside guests were welcomed.
Speakers John Zimmer and Marco Lambertini captivated the audience with pertinent questions, facts and stories. John Zimmer, international speaker, started his talk with: “the two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you know why”. His talk touched upon how to be your best every day, to have purpose, serve others and be grateful and how to be a good presenter and speaker; a life skill important in today’s world. Marco Lambertini, Director General of the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), said that today is the era of humans. With the accelerated use of natural resources over the last 50 years and the disappearance of certain species of wild- and sea-life, we need to make changes. The conclusion was that in order to make these changes, the WWF and similar oganisations need innovative, entrepreneurial people with all kinds of different educational backgrounds, not just biology or science, but with an interest and passion for the earth. His examples of what is happening to our made the audience realise that there are many opportunities now and in the future to re-grow sustainability.

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