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Ready Enough for a Party
On Monday, January 23rd, ISBerne had the privilege of hosting the annual GGBa Night, despite the campus not being finished. The Great Hall, however, the heart of the new campus and the place where the event was held, looked quite finished and impressive!
The GGBa is the international business development agency for western Switzerland. Representatives were in attendance from all the development agencies of the western cantons as well as international business specialists from around the globe whose job is to advise and recommend Switzerland as a place for international corporate investment. The Minister of Economic Affairs of Switzerland, Christophe Ammann, gave a speech, which was followed by a lively discourse on the economic strength and viability of Switzerland. Hosting this event was timely for ISBerne as the school moves into a bigger, campus with room for growth. The new campus made a strong impression and served its purpose well in showcasing ISBerne as the elite school that it is.
New Record for ISBerne
The secondary school swim team recently participated in a competition in Basel. This event saw the team set a new ISBerne single-season record with 9 Gold, 24 Silver, 13 Bronze medals won, a total of 46 medals for the season. This is a great accomplishment for our small team. Congratulations to our swimmers!
Ski & Skate Fridays in full swing!
For seven Fridays in winter, the whole school participates in winter sports. Our littlest students, ELC-Grade 2, take the tram to Worb for ice skating lessons.
For the rest of the students, Grade 3-12, ISBerne charters a private train to Zweisimmen for ski and snowboarding adventures!
The school has been taking the students skiing for as long as the school has been in existence. In the beginning, it was just an excursion to a local hill. But as the school grew, and the hill was developed, the ski programme developed too–into the exciting Ski Friday programme we have today. These are the days that are engraved into the memories of our Alumni.

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