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IBWISE – Spring ONLINE Final IB Exam Revision

The IBWISE - Spring ONLINE Final IB Exam Revision Camp is the perfect opportunity to prepare for your Final IB exams. All our teachers are highly renowned IB subject specialists and examiners from excellent IB schools across Europe with 15-25 years of IB teaching and examining experience each. April 3rd-12th, 2023

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IBWISE – Spring ONLINE Final IB Exam Revision

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Ages 17 - 19
Camp languages English
Actvities Academic Courses

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Fees and Tuitions

1 IB Subject - €700
2 IB Subjects - €1.400
3 IB Subjects - €2.100
4 IB Subjects - €2.800

IBWISE – Spring ONLINE Final IB Exam Revision

Since opening in 2006, IBWISE has established itself as a world-leading provider of exceptional IB-revision courses, both online and on-campus in Vienna, Austria.

The IBWISE – Spring ONLINE Final IB Exam Revision Camp is hosted over Zoom and taught by the same experts who teach our residential camps.

Our courses are taught by world-class IB instructors with 15-25 years of IB teaching and examining experience each, and our classes are kept small (usually 7-8 students). You will review and prepare IB subject matter in a highly structured and professional setting, solidify your knowledge, understand the mark scheme, and acquire important techniques in combination with receiving feedback from our experts. This acquisition of exam skill and routine will drastically enhance your exam performance.

Plus, we consistently receive over 97% of our students saying they “would recommend IBWISE and its teachers in the future” on end-of-course feedback surveys!

Subjects and dates

Unit 1 (April 3-5, 2.5 days):

Physics SL

Chemistry SL

Biology SL

History HL/SL

Economics HL/SL

Business HL/SL

French B HL/SL

UNIT 2 (April 5-7, 2.5 days):

Physics HL

Chemistry HL

Economics HL/SL

Business HL/SL

History HL/SL

Geography HL/SL

Psychology HL/SL

UNIT 3 (April 8-10, 2.5 days):

Biology HL

Math AA HL

Math AA SL

Math AI HL

Math AI SL

UNIT 4 (April 10-12, 2.5 days):

Math AA SL

Math AI SL

Psychology HL/SL


English A L&L

English A Lit

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For more info on our Winter Final IB Exam Revision – ONLINE course, Summer PRE/MID IB camp, Summer CAS trip to the Austrian Alps, and our Spanish & CORE adventure in Andalucia, please see our website:

Reviews from Campers or Parents

Dear IBWISE! I want to share my gratitude for the excellent programme you provide for IB students. Each course I took with you supplied me with exceptional skills, taught by incredibly knowledgeable, gifted instructors. Thank you so much. I was admitted to University of Oxford and much look forward to it! Laura, Hongkong

Dear Nora, Just to let you know, William passed the IB exams! He got 34 points, which is a very good achievement. We are all very happy with it. William’s school too. In all aspects, IBWISE was worth it! Thanks a lot and much success with IBWISE. Have a nice summer. Sally (mother)

Dear all, I received an overall score of 43 in my IB exams! I am absolutely thrilled and convinced that your superb and thorough exam revision course helped me greatly to bump up my grades. I will be attending King’s College in London next year. Sebastian, Brussels

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