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EHL Hospitality Business School

EHL Hospitality Business School, founded in 1893 as Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, pioneered the methods of Swiss hospitality education and set the standards of excellence. Today, EHL combines the Swiss values of academic rigor and industry practice with creativity and innovation for customer-centric hospitality management degrees that prepare graduates to lead the future and manage with respect and empathy.

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EHL Hospitality Business School

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Languages of instruction English, French
Nr. of Children 4000
School Type Co-educational
Curriculum BSc, EHL Academy (Pre-university Courses), Master of Science (MSc), MBA, Swiss Professional Degree

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Class Sizes

Average class size Pupil/Teacher ratio
average class size 25

EHL Hospitality Business School

Renowned Academic Quality

EHL delivers Swiss-quality education that blends real-world experience and applied management techniques with academic rigor. It connects students with industry leaders and an expert faculty to explore best practices, conduct research and implement innovation. EHL is a member of Switzerland’s HES-SO, University of Applied Sciences and Arts (UAS), recognized by the Swiss Federal Government, and it is accredited by NECHE (USA), recognized by the US Secretary of Education.

Inspiring International Environments

EHL offers an international learning experience for talented, ambitious students from around the world. It has an average of 120 student nationalities for around 3,400 students. The school has two campuses in Switzerland, and a new campus in Singapore, which allows bachelor’s degree students to explore Southeast Asia and enjoy Singapore’s big-city vibe, cultural melting pot and high-tech innovation.

Career-Boosting Connections

EHL graduates join a powerful global network of 30,000 professionals in 150 countries, and they rise quickly to success in many sectors. In fact, nearly half of all EHL alumni work outside of hospitality, tourism and F&B, and 50% of them are CEOs, owners, and executive managers. Every year, top international companies such as Apple, LVMH, L’Oréal, Proctor & Gamble, Nestlé, Tesla, and many others, actively recruit EHL graduates.

Future-Ready Digital Learning Options

As a partner for life-long learning, EHL delivers a wide range of continually updated programs including full-time undergraduate and graduate degrees in hospitality management, masterclasses in culinary arts and restaurant management, and online courses for executives. In response to the growing need for online education, EHL has added digital learning modules for its bachelor’s degree, pre-university program and Executive MBA.

Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities


Each EHL campus aims to provide students with convenient access to stimulating sports activities either on-site or through nearby providers. Request information about the school to learn more about the facilities and activities available on each campus.

Extra-curricular activities

The EHL experience facilitates interactive learning, a healthy lifestyle, and a long-lasting, international friendships. Once you join the EHL family, you will always have a deep connection to EHL-ers around the world, offering life-long support and opportunities for your personal and professional growth.

Exceptional Diversity

At EHL, you will be immersed in a truly international university environment with around 4,000 enrolled students representing 120 nationalities on average, and 72% are international students. EHL students are selected for their exceptional academic and social qualities, and more than 85% of them speak three or more languages.

Student Committees

The school sponsors many self-governing Student Committees that allow EHL students to explore new interests and share their passions. These committees organise events, excursions, and exhibitions to raise money for their activities. Committees organise team sports, art workshops and cultural exhibitions, and food & wine clubs; there are even committees for entrepreneurship and charity work, which get involved with external organisations and competitions.

Travel & Excursions

EHL encourages you to get the most out of your experience in and around your campus. The school coordinates excursions to visit local businesses, sports and leisure attractions, and iconic hospitality and tourism sites.

EHL’s Swiss campuses are in the heart of Europe, offering quick and easy access to iconic destinations.  You can take day trips around the country to explore Switzerland’s famous mountains and cities or take weekend trips with short flights to famous European cities, such as Paris, London, or Venice. During academic breaks, you can travel to the lovely beach vacation spots in Greece, Italy and Spain, or visit the exotic cities of Northern Africa and the Middle East, or explore Eastern Europe.

The Singapore campus is a gateway to Asia where you can explore a unique mix of cultures and cuisines in the city’s many hawker centres and neighbourhoods, or you can take a short flight or ferry to visit the tropical beaches, ancient temples and historic cities of Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.


Our Campuses

EHL has two campuses in Switzerland, in Lausanne and Chur-Passugg, plus a new campus in Singapore. Each campus brings the strengths and trends of their surrounding industry regions to augment the quality of the student experience.

Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management students can request to spend a semester on a different campus from where they are based, and our Executive MBA is now offered on both the Lausanne and Singapore campuses.

This multi-campus dimension will be developed and extended to more of our program offerings in the future.

EHL Campus Lausanne

Founded as the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) in 1893, EHL pioneered the methods of Swiss hospitality management education and achieved rankings as the world’s best hospitality management university.

EHL Campus Passugg

The EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality has been part of the EHL Group since 2013, and it has been a leading provider of traditional Swiss hospitality education for over 50 years. Located in Chur-Passugg, the school offers small class sizes, professional training, and an “affective” approach to hospitality.

EHL Campus (Singapore)

EHL’s new campus in Singapore delivers Swiss quality education with a Singaporean way of life: the perfect balance between comfort, calm and urban atmosphere.  The campus offers our students a global business perspective and big-city life experience in a leading hub of innovation and sustainability culture.

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